Nowt to watch

I love a crime drama as much as the next person who fancies themselves as a Police Detective / Super Spy (I always know who the killer is).

Recently police thrillers have been a plenty. Broadchurch, Prime Suspect 1973 and Line of Duty have had the nation entertained for the last few weeks with Twitter debriefing everyone after each episode.

Broadchurch (*cries and crosses fingers for another series*) had the UK sleeping with one eye open as they began to question if their own family members were involved.

Prime Suspect 1973 enabled us to understand why WPC Tennison became such a sassy no-nonsense, men move outta my way, Detective Chief Inspector.

Line of Duty Series 4 – so many questions, so little time.

Will they discover Roz’s secret?

Will we know whether the police corrupter finders are in fact corrupt themselves?

Will they tell us why DS Arnott managed to survive being hit by a baseball bat and thrown down 3 flights of stairs? (because this is some sort of medical miracle)

But with the finale of Line of Duty nearly upon us, where will us police drama lovers find our fill?

Maybe reruns of Criminal Minds?

Or perhaps we chance our arm on a newcomer?

Do you know what I mean?


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