April Fools

The day you completely forget about it and so as a last ditch attempt tell someone you are pregnant. A classic go-to but alas it always fruitless as no one believes for even a second.

I for one have never managed a successful April Fools. Instead I choose to sit back and enjoy the fruits of everyone else’s labour.

Now it seems all companies jump on the prank bandwagon with social media managers competing to go the most viral and receive a pat on the back from their CEOs.

Barclaycard offered customers the chance to chose a theme tune for when they pay with contactless. I think having an annoying song – think Gangnam style… think Friday by Rebecca Black – would perhaps put you off from purchasing that black jumper you already have in three other colours.

The British Milk Council (no this the real part) tweeted they now sell unicorn milk. If these horn-topped horses were to be real, I would be less concerned about the milk and more about having my own unicorn. I mean you would just smash at show and tell.

North Yorkshire Moors Railway created a specific dog carriage which in my opinion really should be a daily addition to life. Early morning journeys to work would be happier if everyone was snuggling a pug just putting that out there.

Maybe next year I will think of a prank so genius it goes viral and makes me millions.

Better get started now.

Do you know what I mean?



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