Mother’s Day

The one day you have to make your mother a cup of tea and make sure it is delivered at the crack of dawn or you have failed as a child.

The one day you have to present your mother with a bouquet of flowers quite similar to the bunch everyone has picked (they were on offer at Sainsburys and flowers are expensive people.)

The one day you have to take your mother to lunch except it’s awful as indeed everyone else has taken their mother to lunch.

So begins a 3 hour wait for a table at that cute breakfast place nobody knows about because it’s so unbelievably chic (tip: everrrybody knows).

Then I do believe it is 5 hours and 23 minutes for soggy sandwiches and overcooked chips (aka brunch) and then another 8 hours and 42 minutes for the bill (which is an extortionate amount but you only have yourself to blame as you wanted chic – next year a McDonald’s Breakfast me thinks.)

The one day you have to show your mother that you love her or you are a terrible human being.

But is it just me or should we not show love for our mothers every day. I’m not saying every morning has to start with a bunch of flowers and a funky pigeon card – goodness knows that will drain your bank account – but small gestures.

A cup of tea – although perhaps not when the sun is just peeking above the horizon, perhaps 2 o’clock on a Sunday with a biscuit.

Cooking dinner – mothers certainly do appreciate a night off but I suggest if you are a terrible cook and your infamous chargrilled lemon chicken is in fact just burnt, a perfectly delicious meal is just but a phone call away… ah Dominos.

A hug – simple yes but effective.

Our mums look after us twenty four seven, three six five and I think showing we appreciate that on just one day of the year doesn’t quite seem to add up.

Do you know what I mean?


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