I love Hallmark

Valentine’s Day.

There are no winners on this day.

The food is expensive. Oh so eye-wateringly expensive. Cut your loses now. Yes they may look like the one but are they worth a £70 meal at Zizzis?

No I didn’t think so.  This meal is wasting your hard earned cash and be real the quality of food put out on Valentine’s Day dips – significantly.

The only deal worth your time is at Wetherspoons. Two steak meals, desserts and drinks for £20. Sorted.

Now the gift. Picking a suitable present for your other half is difficult enough. But then there is the added pressure of friends outdoing you.

Diamond necklaces, boats, private dinner on the moon makes the 39p hydrangeas you bought on the way home look somewhat like you don’t care / haven’t tried /forgot. *delete as appropriate*

And then there is deciding what is appropriate for the length of your relationship?

Five years? Maybe a puppy or engagement ring. (Cliché I know but sweetheart if the proposal doesn’t happen this Valentine’s Day, get yourself a puppy and move on. This one has commitment issues.)

Six months? A romantic weekend away. (You are still sort of in the honeymoon period and a couple days in Paris or Berlin will make or break you.)

Three weeks? Chocolates (Yep not personal in any way but you don’t want to tie yourself down I mean 21 days? You’re not even officially dating yet, give yourself a break.)

Then you have to get a card. Do you go cringey? Something with sparkles? Humour?

The only winner on Valentine’s Day is Hallmark.

Do you know what I mean?



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