The New President

As we wave bye bye to the Obamas and an orange cheeto takes office it is time to buckle in for the next four years.

If nothing else we can certainly gain enjoyment from his twitter account in which he is sure to insult, harass and threaten anyone and everyone who dare cross the Donald – and his tax returns.

Maybe this presidency will show future White House occupants the wrong way to run a country like a how not to guide – just trying to find a positive needle amongst a negative haystack here guys.

And anyway it’s not like the last four years have been an entire waste. Michelle Obama has been busy drafting speeches for the new first lady. Mrs Melania Trump will not have to worry whether these words will send the right message because they are tried and tested baby.

Donald, however, is entirely on his own but perhaps he is probably one who needs to take inspiration from someone else as his way with words leave a lot to be desired – and a lot to march about.

Four years people. We can do this.

Do you know what I mean?




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