New Year…New Date

We are firmly into 2017, over the Christmas hype and (hopefully) survived the first week back to work.


So now for those resolutions everyone is so fond of for the first month. When the gym is crammed, you can’t buy a packet of kale to save your life and the smoking area at work is somewhat empty.

But don’t worry everyone will soon realise that a new year does not mean a new them just a new date. They will fall back to earth and carry on being fat/ unhealthy/ smoky – delete as appropriate.

Don’t bother making a New Year’s resolution maybe a new week’s resolution, something a bit more manageable and quite frankly realistic.

Go to that spinning class. Try to eat five fruits and veg. Try not to eat five brownies. Don’t lose it at Karen from Accounts.

Do you know what I mean?



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