‘Rockin around the Christmas tree’

Entering the countdown to the big day, it’s time to christmasseyfy and that starts with the tree.

Whether its a Douglas Fir or a Blue Spruce, picking the all important centrepiece of your living room for the next three weeks will make or break your festive period.

Don’t get overconfident and then realise your ceilings are not eight foot high and the hall is not quite as wide as your dad thought – uh oh.

There is always a buy one get one free offer on trees and arguments – who put the lights away last year as they are now tangled, probably broken and mum has to run to the shops to buy new ones which end up being a shade different to the other sets on the tree and Christmas is ruined.

Following the entanglement debacle, you are faced with finding the one light that isn’t working and therefore preventing maximum twinkleage – twas the nightmare before Christmas.

Decorations are the next port of call. Everyone has their favourite and every family has a style. But there is truly nothing worse than a tinsel-smothered spruce, keep it classy people, keep it classy.

And after all that hard work, make sure the cat doesn’t pull it over.

Do you know what I mean?


One thought on “‘Rockin around the Christmas tree’

  1. “Make sure the cat doesn’t pull it over”. That pretty much says it all in our house; presided over as it is by our very own feline criminal mastermind, (but also complete oaf) Merlin. In fact, when I watched the Sainsbury’s 2015 ad with my family, we all looked at one another with the utter horror of recognition.

    One small cat equals a whole world of chaos.

    Fresh spruces in this part of the world at Christmas tend to look brown and bedraggled in no time. But it’s hard not to be seduced by that Chrimbly scent.

    And oh how I’m with you on the tinsel thing.

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