Which one to watch first?

Yep Christmas is in touching distance and it’s officially time for Christmas movies (internally screams).

Aside from pigs in blankets (classic), visual crimbo aides really spell out yuletide happiness and what a selection box there is to choose from:

Classic first pick is of course Elf. I mean can you beat Will Ferrell in tights? A bowl of spaghetti smothered in maple syrup, pop tarts and candy? Being serenaded by said tight wearing elf in the shower? Yep didn’t think so.

Next up the Grinch. An entirely accurate representation of every girl getting ready for a party of the festive period. Piles of outfits on the floor as we insist we have absolutely nothing to wear, we’re not going and we hate Christmas. (This episode tends to last 5 to 10 minutes before we find that dress we bought two months ago at the back of the wardrobe and we’re back to our tinsel-loving selves.)

Finally leaving a child home alone is an unfortunate turn of events. However twice – ridiculous. Three times – social services where you at? Four times – at this point I question why they had so many children as it seems they are eager to lose one.

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal!

Do you know what I mean?


One thought on “Which one to watch first?

  1. This post is a tonic! I had such a giggle reading this. Internal screaming? Yep. Sometimes not even internal.

    The only Christmas movie we can abide here is The Muppet’s Christmas. Because seeing Michael Caine and Miss Piggy on-screen together is peerless cinematic chemistry. And also, it’s absurd and cheerful and ridiculous in that Muppet way.

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