Advent Calendars

Only 4 days till we can open that first door to heaven and weight gain.

I don’t know about anyone else but eating several chocolates every day – yes I have more than 1 calendar, who doesn’t, don’t judge me – for 24 days does no good for my skin and the width of my hips.

It seems perverse that we celebrate the lead up to what is effectively a holiday of stuffing ourselves till we can’t stuff no more and then eating the rest for breakfast, with tiny fun-size chocolates everyday (nothing fun about fun-size if you ask me but there you go).

But alas we have been saved. Instead of pre-eating before the big day we can instead feed our materialistic appetite. Calendars are now filled with fun-sized gifts (don’t get me started). Little Lilly will now have perfect rosy cheeks instead of a sugar high with all the beauty calendars available this year and Ben can build his Stars Wars Lego dream instead of getting chocolate all over the cream sofa.

I for one hope there are adult calendars and the doors will pay off your mortgage or upgrade your car.

Do you know what I mean?



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