Trump Card

It’s all over folks, Trump took gold and Hillary got silver hair over the stress. Celebs are crying, people are rioting and politicians all over the world are backtracking as they try to make peace (trade deals) with the U S of A.

And it seems they aren’t the only ones going back on their word.

The Donald’s trump card was change but he might keep some policies from Obamacare, won’t build a wall or jail Hillary Clinton so maybe we don’t all need to rush to the Canadian immigration website – which crashed so there would be little point in that solution anyway.

So there, we aren’t as doomed as we thought and as Trump requests we unite, I can only feel he needs to look in the mirror with that one – if anything he might understand firing his hairdresser and whoever applies his fake tan is probably a good move before he enters the White House.

He has vouched he will be a president for all Americans (probably an asterisk in there somewhere) but apologising to all those he insulted throughout the campaign may go someway in convincing us that he means that.

Then again that could take at least the next 4 years but don’t worry 2016 is nearly over and 2017 will be better.

Do you know what I mean?











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